• 1 Register
  • 2 Entries
  • 3 Review
  • 4 Pay
  • 5 Confirm
  • 6 Finish


Online Registration Instructions:
  • When the registration site opens, DO NOT click on the "Register" button at the top, but find and click on the light blue box in the top right corner that says "Sign In."
  • After you click "Continue", "I am a..." will appear.  Choose "Exhibitor" in the drop down menu and fill out the required information.  If you do not have an official winery name, put your exhibitor name in this field.  Please be sure to save your password so you can log in again if needed.
  • Under Department, select “Creative Arts.” Under Division, click on the division you wish to enter and select your Class from the drop down list.
  • Continue to make selections for all your entries then click “Continue” and select “Save this cart for later” or, if you are ready to submit your entries, select “Check-out.”
  • Select your method of payment on the screen and complete payment.
NOTE: Be sure you have read the Wine Contest Guidelines with complete instructions and dates and include a completed copy of the “Wine Contest Information Form” on the last page with your entries.

Important Notes:
  1. If you do not place at least one item in your cart prior to saving the cart, your registration will not be confirmed and you will need to start over on the process detailed above.
  2. If at any time you decide to exit the system before completing the Online Entry Process, you must click “Save cart” to retain your entry information.
  3. DO NOT PRINT from the tabs that say “Packing List” or “Entry Tags” if you review your entry online. We will print everything needed for check in.

All online entries must be submitted by Wednesday, June 19.

If you have any questions or problems with the online entry process, please contact Morgan Chappell at (405)948-6731 or by e-mail: